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What will integrated EMV with SAM4s and Datacap look like? In order to read the chip
on an EMV-enabled card, the card must be inserted into a dedicated EMV card slot,
available primarily on PIN Pads and mobile EMV readers. Datacap will drive EMV-enabled
hardware directly via our controls,
completely removing all cardholder data from the POS app (Out-of-Scope integration). POS
integration partners currently utilizing one of Datacap’s popular out-of-scope interfaces will
have a simple path (with only slight integration changes) to support US EMV.

SAM4s cash registers will continue to utilize Datacap’s Tran™ family of hardware to drive a
variety of EMV-enabled PIN Pads.For single-lane installations, the new, small footprint
IPTran™ LT drives the EMV-enabled PIN Pad directly on behalf of the POS. For larger
installations, Datacap’s new, small
footprint PDCs™ (Peripheral Device Controllers) drive the PIN Pad at each lane and forward
transactions to a Tran™ Server.

For SAM4s Datacap plans to initially certify and release the VeriFone VX805, a cost
effective entry-level PIN pad from VeriFone supporting EMV, standard magnetic stripe and
contactless payments (Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Softcard, etc.). Shortly after, we plan to
release support for higher-end customer-facing PIN pads from Ingenico and mobile EMV
readers, consistently adding new device support from a variety of providers going forward.
This enables a flexible EMV solution that won’t lock merchants into a single pad or
manufacturer option.

When will it be available? Once hardware and platform development is completed,
individual processor and card brand certifications are necessary to move forward with
support for US EMV. We expect to complete our first round of certifications and have select
processor availability in late Q2 2015. Support for US EMV on most processors is targeted
for completion and availability for installation prior to the October 2015 liability shift. Check
our website, join our mailing list and/or follow us on social media for EMV releases and other
payments-related updates.

Datacap and SAM4s EMV ready
EMV and your SAM4s Cash

October, 2015 is the EMV deadline for credit card equipment
including SAM4s cash registers that accept credit card
payments directly. We can help you make that transition.
Below please find helpful information for understanding EMV
and how you can implement the standard with your SAM4s
cash register.

What is EMV? On October 1st, 2015, liability associated with
the fraudulent use of counterfeit or stolen cards essentially
shifts from the card issuer to the
merchant. Merchants can
alleviate this risk by implementing payment solutions that
comply with EMV (Europay®, Mastercard® and Visa®) that
are currently employed across Europe and Canada. EMV-
enabled (chip) cards contain a microprocessor in addition to
the standard magnetic stripe. This microprocessor makes the
duplication of a stolen card nearly impossible, leading to the
eventual reduction of card-present (in-store) fraudulent
transactions. It is important to note that EMV is a liability shift
and not a mandate. Many merchants will likely wait until their
Point of Sale system requires an update to migrate to EMV,
while others may not upgrade at all, depending on their
exposure to fraudulent transactions and willingness to adopt
hardware and EMV processes (slower transactions).
Verfifone VX 805 for the SAM4s cash register
The Verifone VX 805 for the
SAM4s Cash Register
To find out more information about making your SAM4s cash register EMV compliant please give us a
call at 1-800-86-2274 we will be happy to help you with the migration
We can help you make your SAM4s cash register EMV ready. Call us at 1-800-86-2274