The Cash Register Guys have a combined 85+ years in the cash register
business. We operate a full service retail cash register and POS dealership in
Seattle Washington. Our retail store was started in the early 70's.

We started selling Cash Registers over the Internet about 5 years ago as the
market started to shift that way. Many Cash Registers Dealers across the
country have gone away or have switched to selling POS systems only. We on
the other hand sell and service POS systems and Cash Registers. Both
segments of our business continue to grow because of the lack of Cash
Register Dealers across the country.

One of the biggest advantages for the end-user of buying a cash register
on-line is of course the discount prices available. However because of the
discount price structure end-users buying on-line do not get the amount of free
support a retail paying end-user would receive, but keep in mind they paid
hundreds more. Web sites like this allow us a much lower overhead to market
cash registers across the country then our retail store does, which is the
reason web sites sell cheaper then retail stores.

In our 5+ years of selling
Cash Registers on-line we find that the majority of
our Internet customers are willing to program and learn to operate the cash
registers they buy from us on their own. Of course we offer support for a fee or
we can ship a register system completely programmed for a fee. If you are not
comfortable programming or learning a machine on your own we would urge
you to pay for the extra service we provide or to buy the machine from a retail
dealer near you. Yes you will pay more, but you also would need more.

So that is our story and why we sell
Cash Registers on the Internet. If you
have any questions please feel free to
contact us.
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