SAM4s ER-650R Cash Register
Now you have a choice of keyboard styles. The Samsung ER-650R combines the industry-leading features of the ER-650 with a standard raised-key keyboard and a fast new drop-and- print thermal printer. The default keyboard has 64 key locations and 30 keyboard PLU keys and can be expanded to 78 key locations and 69 keyboard PLU keys
Add Memory Chips
Add Barcode Scanner w/cable
Add Polling/Programming Software
Computer Interface Cable
Add Free Interfaced Credit Card Interface
  • Eight line x 20 characters per line LCD screen
  • On-screen programming simplifies programming of items and system options of The Samsung ER-650R Cash Register.
  • Spot check sales and financial reports by viewing sales information on the screen.
  • 76 key raised keyboard
  • Keys are completely programmable
  • Two RS-232C ports and IRC are standard Features on the Samsung ER-650 Cash Register
  • Detailed sales journal in memory for immediate on-screen review or print.
  • Fast new drop-and-print thermal printer
  • Several Optional Polling and Programming Software Packages available
  • Barcode Scanner Ready
Most end-users program the Samsung ER-650R Cash Register without any help. If you require help in setting up and/or programming please ask us for a quote for complete custom programming or support for the do it yourself installations, as these services are not included in price.
*The Free Credit Card Interface hardware is provided by Mercury Payment Systems and requires an
active processing agreement with them. The Credit Card Interface hardware remains property of Mercury
Payment Systems and is provided for a usage fee of approximately $12.50 per month which includes a
lifetime warranty.  The FREE OFFER also includes lifetime support of credit card interface through the
Cash Register Guys while processing through Mercury Payment Systems with us as the registered
dealer. Should you decide to stop using Mercury Payment Systems you may return the Interface
Hardware or purchase the equipment at that time.
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Honeywell Scanner for the SAM4s ER-650R
SAM4s Barcode Scanner model number 3780
Optional 9520 Scanner
Free SAM4s Software for the ER-650R
FREE Programming PC
Utility with purchase.
Program and save data
from a PC
(cable required)
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SAM4s Cash Registers
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