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SAM4s Cash Registers
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SAM4s Cash Registers
SAM4s software for cash registers allows you to connect your computer to your SAM4s cash register. After installing this system the SAM4s software
will enable you to program your cash register as well as take your "Z" reports at your computer all through the SAM4s software. You can connect with
your cash register directly with a serial connection or an IP connection. Many SAM4s models can be accessed over the Internet however optional
hardware may be required and we urge you to contact us for details at 1-800-863-2274
SAM4s Software Polling and Programming
Starting at $459.95 and up depending on model
Select Model
Add Serial Cable
Add USB Adapter
Price of SAM4s software does not include, support, training, or
installation. We do offer support and training for the SAM4s
software please enquire about pricing.
Serial cables and USB adapters are often used in order to connect SAM4s software to your PC. The cash register in most cases will only have a serial
port and modern PC's no longer include serial ports, which is why you will need both in many cases. The USB adapter is not a replacement for the serial
cable but rather works in tandem with it. Some advanced model cash registers like the SAM4s SPS-500 series come equipped with an ethernet port and
will not require a serial cable to work with the SAM4s software. If you have questions please contact us before purchase at 1-800-863-2274
SAM4s software