Casio TE 2200 Cash Register is a commercial grade Cash Register. The TE 2200
features powerful functions in a simple to use and cost effective price.

casio te 2200 cash register
Casio TE-2200 Cash Register
  • 64 Raised Keys
  • 2 Station Thermal Printer
  • 2 RS232 Ports
  • Up to 2000 UPC/PLU
  • Compact Flash Slot for program back up
    and report export
  • Many more features
Our Price Only $426.00
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The TE-2200 offers an affordable machine for retail, and scanning operations.
The TE-2200 offers 2 serial COM ports for PC, modem, scanner, external
printer, liquor/coin dispenser and credit/debit interfaces for the demanding
operations. The built-in 2 station thermal printer with graphic logo and
Watermark logo printing make for a professional presenting receipt for
customers. The flexible software features such as, scanning, backing up
program and sales data to a Compact flash card make it viable machine for
small and medium sized businesses.
Look how easy the paper loads in the Casio
TE 2200. Just drop in loading makes it
fast,  easy, and trouble free.

The sample receipt shown here on the left
shows a graphic logo and the watermark
behind the items for enhanced security for
returns and refunds.

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Casio TE 2200 Cash Register

The Casio TE-2200
Cash Register
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