The ERC-18 works in the following Electronic Cash Registers

Sharp Cash Registers:     Casio:        Casio:         Samsung Cash Registers:
ER-3100                              4100 SR     SA-2000      ER-4900
ER-3110                              4200 SR     SR-2000      ER-4915
ER-3250                              CE-4105     TK-300        ER-4940
ER-3300                              CE-4110     TK-600        ER-5100
ER-3310                              CE-4115     TK-1200      ER-5140
ER-3311                              CE-4500     TK-2100      ER-6500
                                         CE-4515     TK-2200      ER-6540
                                         CE-4530     TK-2600      ER-6500II
                                         CE-4540     TK-3000      ER-6540II
                                         CE-4550     TK-4000
                                         CE-4615     TK-4200
                                         CE-4630     TK-4300
                                         CE-4680     TK-4500
                                         SA-1000     TK-4630
One Dozen ERC-18 Ink Ribbon Cartridges
One dozen ERC-18 Ink Ribbons Cartridges. One of the most common ink ribbons for hundreds or Electronic Cash Register Models. Great price at only $3.00 each.
ERC-18 Ink Ribbon Cartridge
for cash registers
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