1/2 Dozen IR 90/91 Ink Roller
$30.00 Only $5.00 each
Upgrade to 1 Dozen
The IR-90/91 is one of the most popular ink rollers made for cash registers including Sharp, Samsung and Casio. Each roller is wrapped and boxed for maximum shelf life.
IR-90/91 Ink Roller works in the following Electronic Cash Registers

Sharp Cash Registers:     Samsung:       Casio:
ER-2380                              ER-1710          ER-3404
ER-2381                              ER-1805          ER-3408                       
ER-2385                              ER-1810          ER-3508
ER-2386                              ER-2610          ER-3530
ER-2386S                            ER-2615          ER-4404
ER-2390                              ER-2710          ER-4420
ER-2391                              ER-2715          CE-3100
ER-2395                              ER-3715          CE-3115
ER-2396                              ER-3740          CE-3200
ER-2396S                            ER-4100          CE-3215
ER-A320                              ER-4715          TK-100
ER-A330                                                      TK-700
IR-90/91 Ink Roller
Cash Register Ink Roller
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