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SAM4s Cash Registers
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Sharp Cash Registers
The TwinTran connects to cash registers serial port
the regular phone jack, and Internet router or modem.
Merchant parameters must be obtained from bank or
service provider and provided to Datacap for
programming.  Merchant info can be loaded at the
factory or remotely from Datacap servers over the
phone. Provides fast transaction processing using a
persistent Internet connection and automatic fail over
to dial transactions through standard phone line in the
event of an Internet failure.
For any SAM4s or Sharp cash register with a serial port programmed
to use Datacap’s proprietary DataTran™ command interface
Supported Processors TwinTran
Network List - Lists the networks/processors
and features supported by TwinTran

Datacap Twin Tran Credit Card
Interface Information

How the Datacap TwinTran works with a cash register