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TwinTran enables many SAM4s or Sharp cash registers to authorize electronic payments via the Internet with automatic dial backup. TwinTran  
uses  a  regular  telephone  line  to  provide  redundant  communication with no intervention from the operator.  Replacing cumbersome
stand-beside terminals and eliminating the need for a PC to connect to the Inter-net, TwinTran frees up counter space, speeds customer
throughput, reduces administration time, fights employee fraud and eliminates costly dedicated phone  lines.  TwinTran  is  interfaced  to  
hundreds  of  embedded  systems,  including cash registers, kiosks, parking systems, car wash systems and vending machines,  and  supports  
major  payment  processors  for  credit,  debit,  check, gift and loyalty transactions.
Datacap's TwinTran™ Internet Payment Appliance with Integrated
Dial Backup for SAM4s and Sharp Cash Register Systems
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Network List - Lists the networks/processors
and features supported by TwinTran

Datacap Twin Tran Credit Card
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