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At the Cash Register guys we always supply keyboard templates to our customers. If you have lost your template and purchased the register from us  
we will be happy to send you another one.

A cash register keyboard template allows you to create your own custom keyboard and re-printing when ever you like. When you have you own
template you have much more flexibility when you have made program changes for new menu items or when your old template has just worn out. The
templates we have are simple word documents that allow you to enter multiple lines of text, color each key, and even blend buttons together.

We always recommend printing out a blank template first to make certain it will in fact f
or your cash register before you invest an hour making it. Often
times word is set to fit the print job to the page, you will not want that as it will shrink your keyboard. Also most of the SAM4s keyboard templates will
require legal size paper.

Sharp Cash Register and SAM4s Cash Register Keyboard Templates