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44mm Bond Rolls 150' per roll, 100 rolls per case
Popular Rolls for Cash Registers using Bond Paper rolls and ribbons Sold in a 100 roll case.
44mm Paper for Cash Registers
44mm bond receipt paper is one of the most popular cash register rolls ever
made. All most all of the older Sharp, Samsung, Casio and Sanyo registers
use 44mm bond receipt paper. Some of the registers that use 44mm bond
paper are:

          Sharp        SAM4s      Samsung
                  ER-2386            ER-5115            ER-4900
                  ER-2386S          ER-5115-II         ER-4915
                  ER-2396            SER-6500          ER-4940  
                  ER-2396S          SER-6500II        ER-5100
                  ER-A310            SER-6540         SER-6500
                  ER-A320            SER-6540II        SER-6540
44mm Bond Receipt Paper
for cash registers
SAM4s Cash Register Supplies
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Sharp Cash Register Supplies