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CAS Cash Register Interfacing Scales
CAS PD-II POS Interfacing Scale $499.00
Choose Capacity
Add Interface Cable
Add Remote Display
The PD-II POS Interface scale connects with cash registers or POS
systems. Available in 15 to 150 lb capacities. Use in supermarkets,
cafeterias, specialty stores, shipping, and more!
CAS PD-II Brochure
SAM4s Cash Registers
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Sharp Cash Registers
CAS PD-II Cash Register Interfacing Scale
CAS SW-1RS Scale
CAS SW-1RS Interfacing Scale
Add Interface cable
Compact in design and easy to use portion control scale for use
in a variety of applications. AC or battery operated Legal for trade
(SW Only). Use in yogurt shops, restaurants, specialty stores,
farmer's markets and more!
CAS SW-1RS Brochure