SAM4s SPS-520 Cash Register Integrated Credit Card Interface
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SAM4s SPS-520 Integrated Electronic Payment Interface

Choosing Integrated Payments means that you can process your customer’s credit, debit or gift card purchase in one
step using your SAM4s electronic cash register.  All of your transactions will be processed quickly, conveniently and

Integrated Electronic Payments require an optional DataTran™ appliance.  Dial, IP, or IP with dial backup terminals are
available using one of two new technologies, NoLoad™ or AutoLoad™ to greatly simplify deployment.  

Through a strategic partnerships between The Cash Register Guys and the payment processor, Mercury Payment
Systems we can provide fast, affordable, simplified deployments and complete merchant services, including free gift
card processing programs. Please call us for pricing and options 1-800-863-2274
SAM4s Cash Registers
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