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Sharp ER-A440 Cash Register Supplies
The Sharp ER-A440 uses 44MM bond paper rolls
44mm Bond Rolls 150' per roll, 100 rolls per case
Popular Rolls for Cash Registers using Bond Paper rolls and ribbons Sold in a 100 roll case.
Important Tips for maintenance and care of the Sharp ER-A440 Cash Register
  • Never re-ink the ribbon. Always replace the ribbon when the print appears
    light. Applying ink will damage the printer severely.
  • Don't operate the Sharp ER-A440 register without the proper size paper in
    both the receipt and journal sides of the printer. Operating without paper will
    lead to damage of the printer.
  • Never apply ink to the face of the cash register's rubber logo stamp. There is
    a small hole on the back of the logo that is used for re-inking the rubber logo
    stamp. Only use the ink that was provided with the register when purchased.
  • We recommend leaving your cash drawer open at night or while you are
    closed. In the event of a break in a thief will break your cash register open
    looking for cash, which in most cases you had already removed. Leave the
    drawer open and improve the odds of saving your cash register. Unless of
    course you leave money in the drawer!
Most Sharp Cash
Registers Include a
One-Year Warranty.
Check each model for details
click here for details
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Sharp Cash Registers
Sharp Cash Registers