Frequently Asked Questions about Sharp Cash Registers
Question: Are Sharp Electronic Cash Registers commercial Grade?

Answer: Sharp makes two different lines of cash registers. One line
is a consumer grade version of registers. The consumer line register
models all begin with XE. The second line of registers is  commercial
grade. The commercial grade models all begin with ER or UP. There
is a large difference in quality between the two lines.

Question: What type of business does Sharp make cash registers

Answer: Sharp makes Cash Registers for about every type of retail
or restaurant business. There are different features found in sharp
cash registers made for restaurants rather then retail.

Question: How long has Sharp been in the Cash Register Business?

Answer: Sharp Electronics have been selling cash registers in the
USA for over 20 years.

Question: Where are Sharp Cash Registers made?

Answer: Most Sharp Cash Registers are made in Korea.

Question: What happens when Sharp discontinues a model of cash

Answer: Sharp Electronics does from time to time discontinue a
model of cash register. When this happens parts are readily available
for a number of years after production of that model ended.

Question: Can I program and Install my Sharp Cash Register by

Answer: Yes, in most cases. Sharp Cashregisters are very easy to
use and program as far as cash registers go. In order to keep our
prices low we do not include programming or support like you will find
when paying the full MSRP at a retail store. But if you have used
cash registers in the past and are technical minded you should have
little to no problem. Make certain to give yourself some time to get
your machine up and running. Remember that we are available for
support if you need it, rates for our service vary depending on how
much support you will need. We find most people buying a cash
register on the inter-net are doing so to save money so doing the
work yourself will save you even more.
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Sharp Cash Registers
Sharp Cash Registers