Frequently Asked Questions about the
Sharp UP-600 Cash Register
Question: What type of printer does the UP-600 have?

Answer: Sharp's Model UP-600 Cash Register uses a heavy duty
dual station dot matrix printer. The UP600 printer will perform a
single line validation.

Question: What size of paper rolls does the UP-600 use?

Answer: The UP-600 printer uses 44mm bond paper rolls.

Question: What type Ink ribbon does the UP-600 electronic cash
register use?

Answer: The UP-600 uses an IR-71 Ink Cartridge

Question: Can the UP-600 register interface to a computer?

Answer: The UP-600 does interface to a PC. There are two
different software packages available to use. One is
PC Poll and
the other is Sharp's SDW 8.1

Question: Is this Cash Register easy to program?

Answer: Yes, because the Sharp 600 has a multi-line LCD display
that will lead you through many functions. Rather in programming
or reporting you will have a menu to lead your step by step. Please
keep in mind this is a high end cash register with many functions
and features that can still be complex to set up whether you are
being lead through or not.

Question: Is this Cash Register for the do it yourselfer (DIY)?

Answer: Yes, just like mentioned above the LCD display helps a
great deal when programming. Do keep in mind this machine has
many sophisticated features. If you give yourself enough time to
trial and error and you are willing to pay for help should you need it
this is a good machine for the DIY. We have many customers that
required little to no help setting up a Sharp UP-600 system

Question: What type of store is this a good machine for?

Answer: This model Sharp Cash Register is a great machine for
high volume c-store, small to medium grocery stores, gift shops, or
any type of busy retail store

Question: What are the limitations of this cash register?

Answer: This Sharp Cash register is not a great machine if you
plan on using in a restaurant.
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