Sharp UP-700 Cash Register
Add Free Interfaced Credit Card Interface
Add Memory
Add Kitchen Printer
Add Polling/Programming Software
Computer Interface Cable
Delivers the power that’s so critical in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Built-in software enables “on-the-fly” price changes, daily specials and combo meals with an upsize function. Flexibility, expandability and versatility for the most demanding environment. Wide range of PLU menu keys, high-speed industry standard Ethernet LAN communications, flat micro-motion keyboard, integrated thermal receipt journal printer, Features: High Speed Industry Std Ethernet LAN Communications (TCP/IP) Multi-line, operator adjustable, back-lit LCD display Software is built-in with Flash ROM technology Superior reliability, Integrated super fast receipt/journal thermal printer with graphic logo printing capabilities, plus the ability to add a custom logo to the customers receipt. Compact design, Standard 7 bill/5 coin heavy duty cash drawer, full range of PLU/UPC/EAN codes, Price Inquiry for PLU, Group discounts, Tray subtotal, Multiple menu levels, Tip with edit tip function, Macro Function key, PLU menu keys, Standard credit/debit card interface
*The Free Credit Card Interface hardware is provided by Mercury Payment Systems and
requires an active processing agreement with them. The Credit Card Interface hardware
remains property of Mercury Payment Systems and is provided for a usage fee of
approximately $12.50 per month which includes a lifetime warranty.  The FREE OFFER also
includes lifetime support of credit card interface through the Cash Register Guys while
processing through Mercury Payment Systems with us as the registered dealer. Should you
decide to stop using Mercury Payment Systems you may return the Interface Hardware or
purchase the equipment at that time.
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Sharp UP-700 Cash Register
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